Knockout Basketball Singlet

Knockout Sportswear allows you to create fully customizable basketball uniforms. Every inch on the jerseys and shorts can be customized anyway you want!  We use only the highest quality fabrics and materials for every basketball uniform. Empower your team with our professionally-made, 100% Polyester basketball uniforms. 

The technology of sublimated printing enables the basketball uniform to be lightweight and durable. The designs are deeply embedded into the fabric and won’t peel off or wear out. The fabrics are cool and quick drying – ideal for basketball wear. Vibrant colours, sharp edges, clear designs and logos are just some of the revolutionary features of sublimated design.

What makes Knockout different?

✓ Unique, fully sublimated design.

✓ You don’t have to pick from pre-designed templates!

✓ Unlimited Sponsor Logos + Colours

✓ Uniform design won’t crack, fade, or peel

✓ Available multiple styles and fits

✓ 4-6 week delivery

✓ Youth and Adult Sizing

Basket ball Singlet